Value of Marketing Research

Frank Holleman, Ph.D.
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Marketing Research

Marketing Research Identifies
New Opportunities.

You can indentify new revenue opportunities if you have access to the right data and know how to analyze it.

Critical data for evaluating new retail opportunities for your store benefits you with:

1) better understanding your local market,

2) knowing more about your competition, and

3) learning more about your existing customers.

We provide local marketing research and analysis so you are armed with the insight to capitalize on new retail opportunities you may not have know even existed.



Marketing Research Services

1. Local Market Analysis - Service

Your local retail market is comprised of many different segments, some of which you may not be currently profiting from. A comprehensive local market analysis characterizes your local market into constituent retail segments and addresses how to best to position your company within each of them.

A market analysis identifies possible new retail opportunities in terms of demand and growth potential and then helps with ranking opportunities within the scope of company capabilities and likelihood for success.

2. Competitive Analysis - Service
A competitive analysis initiative researches your competition to discover the strengths and weaknesses each competitor possess that may either be a threat or opportunity to your enterprise. Comprehensive competitive analysis can identify competitive threats so that proactive measures can be taken to preempt or can be useful for finding market needs yet unfulfilled in the local market that represent potential new revenue opportunity.

3. Customer Analysis - Service
Customer analysis involves researching your existing customer database to identify customer demographic trends, profitability patterns, and buying behaviors that represent revenue opportunities from additional sales from existing customers.
Understanding your existing customers better enables you to strengthen the customer relationship and derive greater profitability by capitalizing on the full lifetime value of the customer.





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