Importance of Internet Marketing Technology
Frank Holleman, Ph.D.
President and Founder,
Think-Link Associates



Marketing Technology

Internet Technology Drives Store Walk-ins.

The internet is one of the most under-utilized marketing technologies readily available to HME companies today. It is either ignored all together as a marketing tool or if implemented, it is executed poorly... where the company's website does not produce any discernable marketing results at all.

Using internet technology to get tangible marketing results requires:

1) generating targeted and qualified visitors
to your website,

2) motivating your local market at your website to decide to come visit your store, and

3) monitoring and measuring key marketing metrics from your website for continual marketing results improvement,

...then watch your local store walk-ins increase so you can sell.



Marketing Technology Services

1. New Website Development - Service

If your retail store does not currently have a local presence on the internet with a website, you are foregoing one of your best marketing tools to get new potential customers into your local store. We can develop a custom website for you that will very effectively communicate your company's unique value to your local market to stimulate will not only look professional, but will be structured using the latest research to contain the key marketing elements and narrative content required to produce more walk-in traffic to your store so can close more sales.

2. Existing Website Marketing Makeover - Service
If your existing website isn't producing enough local store walk-ins, we can fix it. We can evaluate your website to determine if your website has all of the necessary marketing related functional elements needed to be effective. Even if your website looks nice with a professional looking appearance (and most don't), it still won't produce for you if it lacks key marketing related elements and motivating content to inspire a visit to your store. In most cases a website make over is all that is needed to greatly improve website image, credibility, marketing function, and power to communicate and motivate. We employ current research in human-to-computer interaction studies to guide our website design efforts to meet marketing goals.

3. Internet Traffic Generation - Service
Even the best website won't help your company's bottom line unless your local market knows about it and can easily find it on the internet. We provide all of the necessary ongoing services to keep new local traffic coming to your website to learn about your company. But, just any kind of traffic directed to your website will not produce meaningful results... your website must receive targeted and qualified traffic to produce good marketing results. We know how to get the right local traffic to your website that will provide the best opportunity for obtaining new customers.

Because our local website traffic generation techniques are so successful, we limit this service to one or two similar type companies per local area.

4. Website Monitoring, Measurement, & Analysis - Service
A website that is continually monitored and measured for effectiveness constantly improves in marketing results. Monitoring key marketing measurements has another benefit; it can tell you a lot about your local market and what they want so you can offer greater value with your products and services. We provide full website monitoring, measurements, analysis, and reporting so that your investment in internet marketing techology continues to provide a handsome return... and you will be aware of important changes in your local market's buying behavior.




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