Think-Link Associates

Think-Link Associates is a provider of HME/DMEPOS/Pharmacy business consulting that focuses on retail Marketing Strategies for Business Growth. The central idea of the Think-Link Associates consulting philosophy is that "Scientific Marketing" produces tangible business growth.

Scientific marketing is a systematic marketing methodology that is built upon solid marketing research, marketing measurements, analysis, and technology innovation.

Think-Link's marketing research allows marketing efforts to be centered around clear and direct marketing messages that are relevant and motivating to the target market.

Marketing measurements and analysis provide a visible way to determine marketing progress, make adjustments, track results and calculate return on marketing investment.

In addition, Think-Link Associates implements marketing technology in innovative ways whenever it can be leveraged to produce marketing efficiencies. Think-Link Associates specializes in using internet marketing technology to strategically make use of the client's website and the internet to enhance local retail marketing efforts and results.

Principal/Founder - Think-Link Associates

Frank Holleman, Ph.D.
President and Founder
Think-Link Associates
Dr. Frank Holleman is the founding partner of Think-Link Associates marketing consultants.

Frank has an eclectic professional background spanning twenty five years. He has previously started and operated successful businesses in a variety of industries, providing services that include research & analysis, systems engineering & implementation, and business development & marketing consulting.

He has helped many business owners learn innovative marketing strategies and business building techniques so they could successfully lead their businesses to their true profit potential. He specializes in marketing results for Home Medical Equipment (HME) Companies, Medical Supply Providers, and Pharmacies.

Frank's scientific approach to marketing is inspired by his research and scientific professional background. He holds
a Ph.D. in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology
(Georgia Tech - 1985).