Let us empower your company to:

Take Full Advantage of Technology,
Marketing Research, Measurements, and
Analysis to Produce...

"Profitable Marketing Results!"

Frank Holleman, Ph.D.
President and Founder,
Think-Link Associates
We can transform Your Marketing Efforts to create more retail sales at your store using our expertise in these key areas:

  • Increase Website & Internet effectiveness

  • Research your local market
    to better understand your customer

  • Research your competition
    to identify your best opportunities

  • Research existing customers
    to improve repeat sales
    & lifetime customer value

Here Is A Reliable Business Success Equation...

Scientific Marketing = Business Growth

Spending on effective marketing is an investment not an expense. Think-Link Associates provides specialized marketing consultation services to help Home Medical Equipment (HME) Companies, Medical Supply Providers, and Pharmacies get a real Return on Investment for their marketing budget.

We get great marketing results because our marketing methodolgy follows a scientific approach that is rooted in marketing research, marketing measurements, and analysis to enhance marketing strategies and implementation.